Antesala II

Ragusa (Italy), 2018

This is my second mural in Ragusa. It is located just on the other side of the previous one. The main idea was to make a diptych with the same people dancing from another point of view, but just before starting to paint I thought maybe it would be more interesting to paint something that was not a human figure. But it was important to keep the essence of the previous one. The two murals are a tribute to the elderly. Those are the people that I talk the most during my interventions. On the one hand I liked the idea of painting two old people in an active way and not in a serene and rested pose (that is how we usually see them) and on the other I think we all remember the house of our grandparents or our parents with those tables in the entrance to the house full of objects and photos of the children and grandchildren.

Many thanks to all the people of festiwall for making all this possible, Antonio and Vincenzo for the invitation and especially for Nora and Lara for taking care of me