Family Portrait

Border Kansas/Colorado (USA), 2018

Fast paint on the border between Kansas and Colorado, I think I had never painted so fast ...

Moniker Art Fair 2018

My work for the Moniker Art Fair with PDP Gallery.

The 9th edition: 3-6 May 2018

Terminal Warehouse, 73 West St Brooklyn, New York


Untitled II

with Manolo Mesa

Roujan, France 2018

The second collaboration with my friend Manolo Mesa. Thanks to PDP Gallery, Mat and Fabio for make it possible. And to Maria for allowing us to portray a bit of her life.


with Manolo Mesa

Mataró, Spain 2018

I can’t think about a better way to make the first mural of the year than with Manolo.


Inocente II

Badalona, Spain 2017

These days I had the opportunity to share this mural with my friend Ivan Floro, after six years without painting together. Thanks to Badiu Jove for making it possible.

Le Cadeau IV

Jacksonville, Florida (USA) 2017

These days I had the opportunity to paint in Florida. Thanks to all the people who made it possible.

Casa Paquita

Can Picafort, Mallorca (Spain)

These days I had the opportunity to paint in one of the first houses built in Can Picafort (Mallorca) and recently named the town's heritage. Paquita the owner of the house and retired painter gave me the opportunity and the freedom to be able to rely on her family photographs to make the mural. The image I chose is that of their children 40 years ago in the exact place where the mural is painted but when the town only had 200 inhabitants and without the excess of tourism that it currently has.

Egas & Deolinda

Estarreja (Portugal)

"The mural is based on a photograph of Dr. Egas Moniz accompanied by his assistant Deolinda in Lisbon’s Santa Marta Hospital during the 1930s. Born in Estarreja, Moniz was a dedicated psychiatrist and neurosurgeon that was also passionate about art, especially within the community. Even today, if you went to the door of his home it reads “the great schools of fine arts are the museums. I wanted one in every town and in every village for the people to rise in spiritual communion of the beauty.” The photo in Moniz’s archive impacted Mohamed L’Ghacham and became the source of his inspiration. The 1930’s was a pivotal era that later defined him- introducing lobotomies and angiographies which awarded him the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1949. The viewer feels as though they’re looking in on a moment shared between Moniz and his trusted affiliate."

Rachel Margolin

Jerome '68

Rabat, Morocco 2017

Thanks to all the people who made it possible.